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When you receive a shipment from Au Comptoir Hydraulique you must check the shipping documents to make sure that the goods presented to you are that the goods presented to you are indeed intended for you;
Vefine the external aspect of the pallets or packages;
When receiving pallets: check that the guarantee strip is intact (which proves that the pallet has not been defilmed), and that the stacking cones are not crushed (which guarantees that the pallets have not been stacked);
Check that the number of packages or pallets corresponds to the indications check that the number of packages or pallets corresponds to the packing list indicated on the transport order;
Indicate the name of the receiver, the date and time of reception.
A- In case ofn the case of apparent damageb- In case of apparent damage
B- In case of non apparent damage,
If the packages or pallets are damaged or if their external condition suggests that that the goods may have been have been damaged
If the damage is discovered when the packages are opened:General reservations or mentions such as "under reserve of unpacking" have no legal value. take precise reserves on the transport voucher by indicating :- the number of missing or damaged packages - the type of damage noted
Take, if necessary, photos of the packages concerned.
Within three days after the delivery date, inform us either by telephone or e-mail, giving the same details as in point A and specifying if possible the number of the transport note
Reception, quantitative and qualitative controls of the goods.
The reception of the goods
The reception is the act by which the recipient of the goods takes possession of them at the time of their delivery by the supplier or a designated third party (carrier). It is done by a receiver. The handing over of the goods by the carrier is carried out in all cases against the signature of the receiving customer of a delivery note. As a general rule, it materializes the transfer of ownership and triggers the payment of the commercial invoice according to the purchase agreement made with the supplier

The reception of the goods puts the receiver in front of two responsible actors :
The carrier who is responsible for damage and shortages occurring during transport, provided that they are noted on arrival of the goods and in the presence of the driver ;
  • The supplier who is responsible for the quality and quantity of the products delivered in relation to the order.

The recipient is obliged to check the conformity of the delivered goods at the time of delivery before signing the delivery note. Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package.) must imperatively be indicated on the delivery order, accompanied by the signature of the controller.

The latter must indeed issue written, precise and motivated reservations upon arrival on the delivery documents (consignment note / delivery slip ...) and in the presence of the driver (general formulas such as: "unless checked later" or "subject to unpacking" have no legal value).

After checking, the receiver takes delivery and registers the different goods. His work in a global way is summarized in :
  • Supervising the unloading of goods from trucks or other means of transport
  • The unloading of containers, the opening of crates and palletized packages ;
  • If within scope of responsibilities, operate forklifts, hand trucks and other material handling equipment other material handling equipment to unload and store goods
  • Supervises the placement of goods in receiving areas ;
  • Unpack goods and move them to appropriate storage areas
  • Verify delivery documents to ensure that what is written on them corresponds to the goods received, note missing quantities, check the condition of the goods and refuse those that are damaged
  • Make reservations on the documents ;
The customer must confirm any anomaly by sending to the carrier or the supplier according to the commitment of each, an email, fax or registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt exposing all the claims. The coordinates of the carrier must appear on the delivery order. These complaints are transmitted 24 hours after delivery and before the next two days.
The control of the goods before the entry in stock
The control is an operation which consists in checking if the articles received are in conformity with the prescriptions emitted in the purchase order. It applies to the packaging and its contents. Generally speaking, the control of articles is both qualitative and quantitative.
A- Quantitative control
We speak of quantitative control when the checks are based on the counting of quantities
B- Qualitative control
The qualitative control is a judgment on the quality of the received article. That is to say, on its ability to meet the needs of its user It must be ensured that the latter is compatible with its needs.
  • The packaging taking into account its function, the packaging of an article offers certain facilities of use and handling(logistic role of the packaging) and a better resistance to certain working conditions. From then on, the necessity to control that it is adequate is imposed